Super power downtempo with: AIIID, and Witchbrew #TripHop #Downtempo #Electronic #NewMusic

A couple of tracks from the USA and from Russia with Witchbrew and AIIID offering a downtempo approach to super power relations.

AIIID (Aidar Gainullin) is from Kazan Russia. A former punk who now improvises electronic music. The track is Urman which means forest in the Tartar language. It’s a keyboard driven downtempo track, with stabbing beats. It has a cheery atmosphere of woodsmoke, weak autumn sunshine and the leaves turning and falling. It’s a track with which to curl up and prepare for winter. Music for hibernation.

AIIID, проект человека, который находится в вечном поиске. Играл панк-рок на бас гитаре, хип-хоп на трубе, после учился играть джаз на акустических инструментах. Теперь, импровизирует в электронной музыке.

Witchbrew is originally from Miami. He says his music, “aims to provide ambience with a psychedelic element.” The track is Revoke from the Caritas Mea album. The album title is about acts of compassion, kindness or love for all. The track is a wheezy three minutes of haziness. Everything is that little bit out of focus which gives it that psychedelic tinge. Keyboards almost turn into accordian. Beats clatter in offbeat ways. Who knows what or who is being revokes for this is a gentle track. Almost as if placed at the centre of a slowly turning clock mechanism. Always moving and never stopping. Until the end of time.


~ by acidted on October 22, 2019.

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