Sunday chill with: Conradaxx, Liam J Hennessy, and Recable #Chill #Downtempo #Electronic #NewMusic

A triple chill bill this morning with Conradaxx, Liam J Hennessey, and Recable.

Conradaxx is the solo project of Alex Giles Conrad of Portland, Oregon. Conrad comes from a family of musicians who have dabbled in everything from the Northern soul scene of 1950’s Philadelphia to rock and speed metal on the other side of the coast. None of that here. The track is Open Doors and it’s an almost whimsical chill track. It’s built around descending piano chords but with the sound of waves, strings, crunching beats and all manner of cheeriness added in.

Conrad explains the track title as, “There’s a saying that ‘every time a door is closed, a window opens,’ which is a way of saying that even when things seem bad, there’s always an upside. I felt this track was even more sanguine than that open window, so I called it an open door instead.” I can’t compete with that level of optimism. My motto is “There’s nothing so bad it can’t get worse.” But I’m prepared to suspend that for the duration of this tune. It acknowledges the pain but offers a smidge of hope. And these days, you need that. Chill to wipe away the tear and put a smile on your face.

Liam J Hennessey is from London and the track is Emerge. This is taken from his album In The Half Light, which is out on 14 November. The album uses, “found sounds from Sri Lanka, digital manipulations of live instruments, Japanese concepts of public and private persona and the impact of loss.” Emerge is a delicate, almost soundtrack-style, track. There are strings and a dense undergrowth of Eastern instrumentation. Starts a bit hesitantly before coming out fully fledged into the daylight. It reaches for the skies with a tinkle of piano to show off its raiments. Delightful.

Pre-order In The Half Light (Bandcamp)

Third, we have Recable. He’s from Australia and offers the IDM chill of Gravel Folk. This is a fantastic track, if a bit inexplicable. Recable says of it, “This recording is about a confession. It comes from a score I was working on, therefore the title.” That leaves me none the wiser. The track is almost four minutes long but sounds shorter as it’s over before you’ve understood it. It’s all-encompassing with the sadness of “I’ve never found true love” and lots of minor keys. It gets a bit of IDM depth through the crispy crunchy beats. The story is there but unexplained, unresolved. And you’re left unrequited. A minor key chill triumph.



~ by acidted on October 27, 2019.

2 Responses to “Sunday chill with: Conradaxx, Liam J Hennessy, and Recable #Chill #Downtempo #Electronic #NewMusic”

  1. The Spirit is so very pure.

  2. […] the return of Recable from Australia. I’ve no more info on him(?) than I did last time. The track, Quick […]

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