Instrumental hip hop triple with:Vagrant Real Estate, Carson C Lee, and Charodey Jeddy #HipHop #Beats #Instrumental #Electronic #Downtempo

Let’s take a break from house beats and have a triple set of instrumental hip hop tracks with Vagrant Real Estate, Carson C Lee, and Charodey Jeddy.

Vagrant Real Estate is an Aberdeen, Scotland based producer. And Lifeless / Like This is a mix of lofi hip hop beats with some smooth jazz. For the jazz elements it’s the piano that comes through, offering a soothing element in an otherwise raw track. The beats are lofi and street. There’s a harsh edge to them. The harshness of real life around the corner. A beautifully balanced mix of sweet and sour. The track is taken from the album SWEETHEARTGRIPS.


Next, Carson C Lee, originally from Michigan. He offers the Cuban influenced Cubanos. He says that this track is “a song that was conceptualized in Cuba with authentic Cuban instruments.” It aims to capture the feel of the Malecon in Havana, the seafront that runs along the coast and where carnival and other things happen. It’s twenty years since I was there but there’s an evocative mix of Spanish guitar, hip hop beats and lots of brass. A laid back mojito number five of the afternoon feel. A drunken sway in the breeze. Lovely.

Thirdly, Charodey Jeddy’s collaboration with 21FlooR Records from Ukraine on G’Z from 21st Floor. This harks back to hip hop’s golden age. It’s a leftfield B-Boy dance banger fizzing with energy and samples. The beats offer a fulsome crunch, people shout Oh Yeah like they should while someone shouts about The Beat. All of street life is here. It’s held together with the lovely parp of an organ that gives it a sixties tinge that can only improve your life.


~ by acidted on October 31, 2019.

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