Let’s go leftfield with: moon:and:6, Jon Mark Doyle, and Reiyashi #MathRock #PostRock #Electronic #Glitch #IDM #Leftfield

Let’s get a bit leftfield with three tracks that are a bit chin-strokey but nonetheless offer some lovely tunes from moon:and:6, Jon Mark Doyle, and Reiyashi.

moon:and;6 is Michael Chambers from Hamilton, Ontario. He offers the angular post-rock sounds of No Emotion. A track filled with emotion and the most delightful hook that really makes it. The tune has all manner of instrumentation crammed into three and a half minutes. It’s a mix of vibraphones, twangy guitars, distorted bass guitars, synthesizers and crunchy drums. The main hook is given life through an almost xylophone sound from the vibraphone that does battle with clattering drums. The other instruments come and go in a seamless flow. Why can’t all post rock be like this?



Jon Mark Doyle is a multi-instrumentalist, artist and writer from London. He’s produced everything from jazz to hardcore to punk. But on Familiar Omen we get something that’s a bit more IDM. There’s an off-kilter clatter of drums, a bit of hissy distortion but accompanied by a lovely artless keyboard hook that lifts the whole track. This takes me back to the IDM heyday of the mid-90s. It would have sat well in an Artificial Intelligence compilation. It can stand up to that sort of competition. When the two minutes and ten seconds is done you really miss it. I suggest playing again.



Reiyashi is also from London but I know no more than that. We have Forever in Motion from her album Conversations with a River God. Of the album he says, “Above, the surface blooms into perfect spheres of silk. The reeds waver gently in the breeze, a faint stirring breaking their stillness. Yet, below, the silt rages – rages with the rocks and the stone, the rust and the steel, the bone and the earth. And the ripples sing when the river god opens its mouth. I drifted for a long time, and this is where I ended up.” Forever In Motion has some of that surface smoothness from a rippling, flowing, slow keyboard motif. But underneath there is the turbulance of squirting electronics and abrupt glitches of stops and starts. Of tumbling water. The track soothes and pushes you off balance simultaneously. Come on in the water’s lovely.

Conversations With A River God

~ by acidted on November 2, 2019.

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