Keeping Sunday special with: Kev La Kat, DJ DanceAlone, and Jordangeographic #Chill #LoFi #House #NewMusic

No ambient Sunday today. After a gloomy wet day yesterday the sun’s out. So I’m going for tracks which are chilled but not quite horizontal. The vibes are provided by Kev La Kat, DJ DanceAlone, and Jordangeographic.

The Kat is back. Kev La Kat makes a welcome return after quite a while with the rather fabulous 20 X Better. This is a lazy funky house track. A sinuous slink through the undergrowth of chill. He says, “this is a track that ive played everything on and sampled jimi hendrix talking about the music scene.” Jimi may pop up for a few words late on in the track but what really makes this stand out is the excpetionally delicate use of the Rhodes and accompanying synth. Gives it a lovely retro feel. Top Kat.

DJ DanceAlone is from the USA and offers Tree Houses. This is a minimal lofi house tune. Technically, it’s micro samples layering with minimal percussion. But that’s kind of irrelevant. This is a tune that works as much on an emotional level. This is a lovely open set of vibes that groove along through the track. The layered nature of the track means at one level not much happens but those little shifts and fits and starts give it an engagement that really works. I’m in the tree house looking for a leaf to sit on to come down to earth. Eventually.

From the abum Rushware

Jordangeographic is also from the USA (Hollywood) but this track, Cenotes, has its origins in Mexico. Cenotes are underwater cave systems. Jordangeographic says, ” I made track in part with sampled sounds I recorded while in the jungle / underwater cave systems (cenotes) in Mexico.” And the track samples various sounds of the caves and jungle to great effect, providing an otherworldly backdrop to the track. The music is almost dubby with an echoing booming sense of confined space. A mix of liquid and land. The percussion chitters while the synths expand in drones and tones. Yucatán fantastic.

~ by acidted on November 3, 2019.

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