Ambient Sunday with: George Johnston, Alex Widder, and Koresma #Ambient #Drone #Downtempo #Chill

Three ambient and downtempo tunes for Sunday from George Johnston, Alex Widder and Koresma. They run all the way from icy ambient to downtempo chill.

George Johnston is from Paekākāriki on New Zealand’s Kāpiti Coast. The track is A Thousand Tiny Tragedies. It’s an isolated sea washed drone track. Tones ebb and flow as if the passage of time is irrelevant. As it is for personal tragedies. It’s set against a hissy wash of sounds akin to the far off roar of the sea. It’s not hurt or upset. It’s simply emotionally blank. For that is the overwhelming essence of the shock of personal tragedy.

The track is taken from the album Modern Glyphs. George says of the album, ““Listening back and reflecting, there’s a sense of clarity. Holding onto things in order to let them go, luxuriating in feeling a little more than just trying to notice it impartially.” The tracks are a set of icy ambient tracks with drones that come and go. Onto which you can project as much or as little of yourself as you want. The album doesn’t judge. It continues forever.

Alex Widder is a Canadian artist, producer and classically trained pianist. An immigrant of Russian and Georgian descent. And that’s relevant here. On Ebb and Flow there’s a mix of synthesised flute and piano. It’s a rich evocative mix of chilled romance and tragedy. There’s a suppressed epic sense of nineteenth century novels, enhanced by the half heard Russian phrases that pepper the track. The ebb and flow of the track can be as much about life and time as water. Beautifully drawn downtempo track with a little bit of hissy IDM beats.

A welcome return for Koresma, (Ryan Lindberg) an electronic producer based in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The track is New Frontier. He calls it a soft house tune. I’m not sure about that. It’s far too horizontal for the house tag. This is a folksy chilled tune. It shuffles along with soft wash beats. It’s a rural stroll, the mood enhanced by a bit of guitar and some violins. There’s something almost Appalachian about it. It’s a starry-eyed wander to somewhere new and unknown. Don’t get lost y’all.

~ by acidted on November 10, 2019.

One Response to “Ambient Sunday with: George Johnston, Alex Widder, and Koresma #Ambient #Drone #Downtempo #Chill”

  1. George Johnstone is right up my street.

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