Two for Thursday with: MÜNE, and Joor Nitth #Downtempo #Electronic #NewMusic #TripHop

A couple of downtempo returnees today in MÜNE and Joor Nitth.

MÜNE aka ‘Pranay Sharma’ is an electronic musician based in Indore, India. There’s something full and lush about his best work. And all that’s to the fore on Blu Tail Fox. At one level it’s a deceptively simple downtempo rolling instrumental. A fair bit of Lemon Jelly about the approach. But like LJ the simplicity hides a complex centre that makes the track so ultimately satisfying. It has a wonderfully emotional resonance through the interplay of the tight soft beats and the way the track ebbs and flows. As he says, “the uplifting part describes my sadness and tears and the chorus part describes the rage & anger that i can’t get over to those feelings and not able to move on from that.” Romancing your soul.

Our next returnee is Joor Nitth, who we last heard from at the start of the year with a Eurodance megamix. He we have an original track, his first in years. Hotel Shanghai features Norine Braun on vocals. It’s a lush trip hop track, with more than a little soulful funk about the electronics. It’s looking for a better day, with a sense of yearning while electronics squelch around slightly lost and uncertain. As Joor Nitth says, “life beats hard and a sense of false optimism in such circumstances is just fooling yourself.” Wallow in it all with Joor Nitth and then start the climb up buoyed up by the track’s inherent optimism.

Available as a free download.

~ by acidted on November 14, 2019.

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