Downtempo triple from sad face., Elson Complex and Alm0stgh0st #Chill #Electronic #Guitar #Downtempo #NewMusic

A downtempo triple set this morning from sad face., Elson Complex and Alm0stgh0st.

Australia’s sad face. returns with okay, which probably isn’t. This is taken from EP#4 sapien. This is a downtempo chill track wallowing in unrequited love. The kind of okay that means the opposite but is making you work for details. It’s lead by lazy guitar and crushed beats with soft keyboards. It has a bongo tropical air given full vent half way through when the guitar goes almost steel drum. Maybe this is really holiday romance territory. Whatever, it tugs manfully on the heart strings.

Elson Complex is another returner. From Spain, Elson Complex is a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist and songwriter. His mission is, “Melting the boundaries between Spanish guitar, Folk, Blues and Klezmer music.” I wholeheartedly approve. On Blend we get that mission in full effect. The Spanish guitar leads the way but with a bunch of blues structures and phrases. The guitar body is used less as percussion than on previous tracks. This gives the piece much more space to breathe. It has a sad wandering quality. As if haunted by its own existence.

Next, newcomer Alm0stgh0st (Quinn Doty) from the USA. The title track from The Melon Collie EP. This does what it says on the tine. It’s a sad lament for times past and things lost. He says “This song is written to hone in on the melancholy you feel when thinking of a past home. Your old apartment may not have been perfect, but it was home.” A slow amble through the recesses of the mind. An emotional clear out. It’s an electronic track but the structures come from other genres. Hardly a surprise that he’s got a past in blues and jazz. This is electronic blues but without ever wallowing in it all. There’s ultimately an uplifting sense of the promise of the future. The past is to be acknowledged but the future’s to be lived.

Melon Collie

The Melon Collie EP

~ by acidted on November 16, 2019.

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