Remix time: Kreatiivmootor – Algne sülg esitab (Remix by ekke) #Remix #Indie #IDM #House #Techno

Before we go into the weekend here’s Kreatiivmotootor remixed by Estonian artist eke. This is leftfield art indie IDM at its finest.

Kreatiivmootor have been around since 2003. They’re from Tallinn, Estonia and were formed by philosopher Roomet Jakapi and lawyer Allan Plekksepp. They specialise in the arty and the quirky. Their third album Algne sülg esitab, offers, “a 7-part quasi-improvisational suite in experimental industrial and quirky noise rock vein.” This is Art with a capital A. The title track from the album is remixed by ekke (Ekke Västrik), also from Estonia. He has a background in IDM sounds and is a perfect foil for Kreatiivmootor.

Algne sülg esitab (tr. original saliva presents) is the track. The original is a whirring piece of industrial performance art. Ekke cuts the song down a bit and fires it into IDM space to reframe it. This makes it a more spacious and less claustrophobic experience. Everything moves that bit slower with modualar synths in play and the vocals stretched and bent and taking on an even more anguished tone. Drone tones come and go, echo is applied  and it all gets a bit more cinematic. Not exactly Disney material but an art house horror soundtrack. In space, we can hear you scream.

From the album Mentalbau

~ by acidted on November 22, 2019.

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