Ambient Sunday with: Liam.M, Auralysm, and Bjørn Breimo #Ambient #Drone #Electronic #NewMusic

And relax. It’s Sunday and it’s time for another triple bill of chill from Liam.M, Auralysm, and Bjørn Breimo.

Liam.M from Australia returns to the blog after almost two years with another delightful downtempo track. A Promise is such a great track. It has a sense of excitement and anticipation. It’s uplifting synths in all the right ways. The beats are just a little wonky for added cuteness. There’s something sunlit and summery about it. Go outside and play.

Auralysm (Simone Marolda) is from Italy. And this is ambient as found and manipulated sound. The track is Fleuris taken from the album Auraphobia. The sounds on the track are not what you’d expect. He explains, “I used a pot for the pads, and forks and glasses for some parts of the rhythm section.” And there’s children playing. The track may be named after a newly bloomed flower but this is more about the effect of humans on nature than it is nature itself. There’s an awful lot of early Aphex Twin in this. And that’s a recommendation.

Bjørn Breimo is from Oslo, Norway. And this is the right way to wind down this trio. The track is every bit as glacial and drone focused as something called Memories of Eternity should be. An utterly unhurried seventeen minute journey through an arctic winter. Nothing’s too loud. Everything is hushed. Tones last for decades. Synths spiral and glitter like ice crystals. Everything is pristine. Winter is here. Snuggle down and wait it out.


~ by acidted on November 24, 2019.

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