Midweek techno triple with: Mateo!, Ludwig Buez, and ED.E #Techno #House #NewMusic

A midweek helping of techno tunes from Mateo!, Ludwig Buez, and ED.E.

Mateo! is from Hungary and his track GTK 1972 comes in a remix from J Swink on Fierce Animal Recordings. This starts off all twangy electro buzzing bass line. There’s a sample (Alan Ginsberg?) about the music. But it gradually builds and builds and grows and grows. Eventually, it becomes a wonderfully overwhelming monster of a track. But it never loses the sense of the track. There’s structure and space, rather than a simple wall of beats and noise. Awesome techno.

Next, Belgium’s Ludwig Buez with Escape Room on No Purpose Records from his twin track Iris EP. This is techno as alien menace. It’s all angular machine music with a certain unearthly techno coldness. A seven minute bass journey through dark caverns. There are synth peaks in the tracks that offer (false) hope. Whereas, in reality. There is no escape here. And you should enjoy submitting yourself to this track.

Thirdly, ED.E (Eddie Edwardson) from Canada originally but Minneapolis mainly. Here we have the title track from his new Prophecy EP on 3xA Music. It’s a track that balances the light side and the dark side. The dark side is provided by some wonderfully deep bass synths that rumble away throughout the track. Beats come and go and are subservient to the bass. The light is provided by a surprisingly melodic set of synth work that give the track a great yin and yang. Would be an absolute stormer in a club. Powerful, stirring stuff.

~ by acidted on November 27, 2019.

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