Deep Joy with: Mellowdine, The Small Crowd, and monogulo #DeepHouse #House #NewMusic

A deep house threesome from Mellowdine, The Small Crowd, and monogulo.

London-based but German born Mellowdine returns to these parts after an absence of about a year with the lovely In Motion. There’s a real deep house richness to the track. This is about an intricate and complex interplay between beats and synths. Has a definite air of the lushness and life-affirming joy of Lane8. That makes it no surprise when he says, “Over the last few months I got inspired by artists such as Lane 8, Tourist and RÜFÜS DU SOL. I tried to incorporate some of my sounds and went back and forth on a number of tracks.” Only three minutes long but sets you up perfectly for the day.


Spotify = Swim EP

Next, Sweden’s The Small Crowd (Martin Håkanson). We have Conversation, a nine minute track released ahead of an album due out next year. This has a calming and gentle opening. Beatless and synthy in a space and spaced out kind of way. This makes a virtue of the track length to wait a while before beats come charging in with bass profundo. That then gets topped by a sense of epic charge and synths reaching for the sky. A big, glorious, danceable noise to energise and for you to enjoy.



Third, monogulo from Belgium, probably. Doesn’t offer much about himself except, “Born out of pure passion for music and positive feelings, monogulo has always kept his love for music in sight. Although he never studied musical theory or played any instrument, he felt a special connection to certain types of music styles, which grew stronger over time.” Make of that what you will. The track Noknee is a lovely digital deep house track. Doesn’t try to make it an analogue experience. Everything is clearly machine generated. And yet it has heart. There’s digital emotion writ large across the seven minutes of the track. A joy in the machinery.


Logic EP


~ by acidted on November 30, 2019.

One Response to “Deep Joy with: Mellowdine, The Small Crowd, and monogulo #DeepHouse #House #NewMusic”

  1. Really liked the Mellowdine track. A bit trancey in a good way.

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