Ambient Sunday with: Firastical, BSLC, and The Ultimate Escape Project #Ambient #Minimal #House #NewMusic

Back at Sunday. And back to Ambient. Tracks from firastical, BSLC, and The Ultimate Escape Project to enjoy.

Japan’s Firastical offers the wave-washed and guitar led pleasures and pain of reminiscence of your love while chasing midnight trails [writing my luv letter for you 2.0]. Three and a half minutes of looking back with mixed emotions. The acoustic guitar gently weeps. The sea continues to wash away, reminding us that we are specks and the universe is eternal, in so far as we are capable of comprehending it. Electronics are pushed far, far into the background. And all that’s left it a sigh.

Canada’s BSLC is Jerome Guilleaume. His track is Outspaced. This is not your usual ambient or really anything. It’s a moody piece that magpie-like takes from Ambient, Minimal and Dark Prog to produce a stygian whole. It’s a complex track that weaves dark bass tones with bobbling noise. It has a cavernous air. Modular synths get added in a drone like manner leaving them to wander around unaccompanied. It’s a track that’s confident not to bring any 4/4 until after the four minute mark. Properly interesting late night home listening.

The UK’s The Ultimate Escape Project is Suddi Raval – he was, “one half of duo Together, bringing the sounds of UK club culture into the mainstream with their commercial hit Hardcore Uproar.” I’ve stuck the youtube for that track below which got to No.12 in the UK Charts in 1990. Anyway, that’s the past now. Today’s track is Peng Win. This is a tropical jungle of sound and some soft wood chimes. This tinkles away in a gently soothing manner. It could go all yoga mat but there’s an underlying drive to it that propels the track forward. Beats pitter patter but a bit faster than you’d expect. Escape your immediate surrounds with hardcore downtempo.


~ by acidted on December 8, 2019.

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