Ambient Sunday with: Chemtrails, Paul Fishman, and Total Bike Forever #Ambient #Drone #Downtempo #Synth

Ambient Sunday has a mix of sounds from drone, to synth to sitar with the artists being Chemtrails, Paul Fishman and Total Bike Forever.

Atlanta-based producer Chemtrails returns with the pitch perfect drone of Observe. Taken from his new EP You In The Next Life this is a beautiful beatless tune. Less drone than a slow vibrating hum it shimmers with an eerie beauty. One of those tracks you have to listen to a bit sideways. Almost like the act of observation affects the object observed so the act of active listening robs this of a little of its magic. This needs to be a sound around that seeps inside to really show its magic. Close your eyes and wait.


You In The Next Life

Next, The UK’s Paul Fishman. The track is Born To Synthesise from the album It’s About Time Part 1. This is electro  synth as ambient with a lonely bass funk lost in the 80s. It’s a really nice track. Wanders along in its own slightly idiosyncratic way. A bit ambient whooshy, a bit synth chuggy and a bit funky. A six minute ambient walk on the mild side. And all the better for it in these tumultuous days.

For anyone of a certain age they might recognise the lyrics “We got the message; I heard it on the airwaves; The politicians; are now DJ’s.” 1983 hit The Politics of Dancing from Re-Flex. The keyboard player on that was Paul Fishman. Holds up pretty well, despite the tinny drums.

And so to Total Bike Forever, a UK duo travelling through Asia making tracks as they go with people they meet. A bit hippy in concept but rather fine in actuality. The track is Assam (feat. Dar Bertschneider). This is a downtempo tune dominated by Bertschneider’s sitar playing. He’s German, obviously. But it really is lovely almost classical sitar against a hazy set of electronics and a slow thump of beats. A warm psychedelic journey away from a cold and damp English winter. They say, “Samples from indian cities can be heard throughout the track as well as a Japanese percussionist we met in Tokyo.” Which was nice.


~ by acidted on December 15, 2019.

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