Ambient Sunday with: Justin Robinson, Guthravir, and Applefish #Ammbient #Electronic #Drone #NewMusic

Three very ambient tracks for you this morning. Justin Robinson, Guthravir, and Applefish are the artists. Beats are noticeably absent.

Justin Robinson goes for the seasonally appropriate First Flurries (First Snow), the opening track from the four track First Flurries EP. Not that there’s been a hint of first flurries here in London. All leaden skies and intermittent sheeting rain. A succession of sodden shoes drying gently by the door. This track is lovely. Owes lots to Brian Eno and neo-classical but without ever taking things too overture. Justin says, “spirited and moody, Flurries captures the essence of winter.” There’s certainly a little bit of walking in the air about it. All light chords and tones. A little piano. No beats. A dusting of magic.

Next, Guthravir who doesn’t come from somewhere snowy and Northern but Lisbon, Portugal. Which doesn’t quite compute with the sense of the track. The Ocean Is Dark, Incredibly Dark is all gothic. This is ambient as darkness and minor shades of grey. All very hushed tones and leaden snowy skies. Quite beautifully IDM classical in a desolate landscape kind of way. There are sort of beats but more the last dying wheezes of the faithful droid. Death is all around us.

EP on Bandcamp

Finally, from the UK comes Applefish (Nik Davies) with the first shades of optimism this morning on Earthrise. A lovely spaced ambient soundscape. This embraces the wide open endless views. The blue dot in a sea of blackness and distant stars. Beatless, this takes lots of keyboard chords and marries them with what sounds like processed guitar. A cosmic slowed down Pink Floyd kind of vibe. The world keeps on turning and this makes three minutes last a century. A track for the eternities.


~ by acidted on December 22, 2019.

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