Downtempo Monday with: Good Lee, Sonnee, and Elson Complex #Downtempo #Guitar #Instrumental #Electronic

It’s Christmas week. Let’s be gentle out there with three downtempo tracks from Good Lee, Sonnee, and Elson Complex.

Austria’s Good Lee returns with Evolve. This is the second track on the new Dust & Dreams EP. The track is a slow moving chiming affair full of layers and a bit of glitchiness. A strangeness of chopped vocal sounds of far off unknown lands. Beats half-heard and woodblock fills. If anyone’s been watching His Dark Materials then this wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the soundtrack there. It’s downtempo but everything is not quite as you know it. There’s a darkness all around, albeit metaphysical if not always literal. A bit like the alethiometer there’s truth here to our questions if we know how to interpret the answers.

Sonnee is Charlie from Manchester. And the track is So What. There’s more strangeness here. Some sawing backwards sounds. Tones come and go. And the beats are left until late. A modern sounds clickiness to the beats when they do arrive. But the vocals play around just out of reach while angels play on strings. Ethereal layered delicate downtempo for a modern nativity at the foodbank.



Spain’s Elson Complex makes a welcome return before the year end. More beautiful guitar on Missing Your Voice. A beautiful one take track. A guitar and nothing else. The guitar is plucked and plangent. Life and loneliness all wrapped in one. A little like Crosses by Jose Gonzales this tugs on the heartstrings. Elson Complex says of the track that it is, “Dedicated to the memory of Leonard Cohen, inspired by his song HALLELUJAH.” Hallelujah indeed.

~ by acidted on December 23, 2019.

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