Back to work blues with: Prateek Mehar, and Dance On Plants #House #Downtempo

Urgh. Returning to work on a Friday is a bit tedious. Let’s have some soothing yet cheering tracks from Prateek Mehar and Dance on Plants.

Prateek Mehar is from India and the track is Hold On. It’s listed as a demo but you kinda feel that any further messing with it won’t be an improvement. The utterly artless approach is what makes it. And the piano. Ah, that piano. Simple chords but allowed to be front and centre of the track. Provides a really, really lovely cheering feel. Everything else is secondary but necessary. Rather sweetly, Prateek says of the track, “I was very confused while making this song. Because it was very hard match the drums and bass with chords.” I’d unclench if I were you. Sit back in the knowledge that you’ve totally hit the spot here.

Next, some Canadian chill from Dance on Plants. DoP are Stephen Clarke and “all the friends he can find along the way.” On this occasion, he offers that it’s “Just a couple of hunks that love making music and being friends.” The track is Night Owl, which is a post club come down kind of track of the sort that Underworld deliver occasionally and was popular with me and D in the 90s. It has the added benefit of being a fulsome eighteen minutes long really allowing you to get totally lost in it. Musically, it’s a mix of some gentle spaced deep house but with a little bit of acid and techno blooping to make the transition from club to post-club that little bit easier as the sun rises again. More please.


~ by acidted on December 27, 2019.

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