Downtempo House with: SINE, yenss, and Klipr #House #Downtempo #TechHouse

A triple bill of downtempo house and tech house from SINE, yenss, and Klipr.

SINE is Germany’s Thomas Hauser. This is his first release in three years and the first on his Sine Music label. The track is Entrance. This allows is to deliver on both senses of the word, being a gateway and captivating. A properly beautiful track that welcomes you in. It makes the most of plentiful strings and melodic techno breaks. But the beats never overwhelm. They sit always slightly off-stage. This tune is kept epic in a superbly restrained fashion. A warming groove to start off the night’s adventures.

yenss (Jens Heuken) is also from Germany. The path trodden here is deep house byways. It’s a restrained track in many ways. Chains keeps things earthly but looks for freedom. The central synths tumble around in joyous fashion. String ache for something bigger and grander. The samples seem to reference 1990 and freedom. Perhaps the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s all rather cheering and yet just a touch melancholy. Ultimately, chains are rattled and then broken.

And so to India’s Klipr, with a track from his Teched EP. We’re in the realm of tech house with Connected. But also a dash of electro and even a bit of Afro or Tribal House. This uses the slightly detached style of tech house to good effect. It’s a track that builds and builds as it goes along. The release of the break comes late. This is a total dance floor star. Its muscular approach is all enveloping with a welcome darkness as it heads off into the night. Despite the title this is best experienced alone for the full on embrace of the track.

~ by acidted on December 28, 2019.

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