It’s all about the melody with: Ryan Dulmaine, and Copal #House #Melodic #Techno #Downtempo

Sometimes it’s all about the beats. But sometimes it’s all about the melody. This is one of those days with tracks from Ryan Dulamine and Copal. They seek out the melodic intersection between House, Techno and Downtempo. Perhaps even a bit of deep house for good measure.

American Ryan Dulmaine returns to these parts after an absence of two years. The track is Down, released on Abysmal Records. It’s a lush and unashamedly romantic track. It’s a bit deep house, a bit melodic techno. But the weight of the track rests on some melancholy piano and some wood blocks. The beats are cast into a minor supporting role as these two forge the way. Wood blocks open the track with hi hats. And then there’s the piano. All minor keys and downbeat vibes. Yearning for something forever out of reach.

Next, Belgian Copal with the equally melancholy Pomgrenate  This is melodic synth techno but with an underlying chilliness to it all. Synths blip around in a remarkably precise fashion. Strings add a little warmth but are used sparingly for emphasis. The beats give the track backbone and structure. The whole thing has a deceptively mesmerising quality, drawing you in and then holding lightly until the outro sets you down again. Delightful.


~ by acidted on December 31, 2019.

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