New Year CHill with: The Event Horizon, G R I Z, and vilaindada #Chill #HipHop #Instrumental

A Happy New Year to you. In case you’re suffering a bit from the night before here are three chilled tracks to soothe your entry into the new year. The tracks are from The Event Horizon, G R I Z, and vilaindada. All have a bit of hip hop beats lurking in there.

The Event Horizon is first up. From the USA this is a mix of hip hop and electronics, with a bit of guitar thrown in for good measure. The track is Honey Cognac, which I didn’t know was a thing. tbh sounds a horrible waste of decent cognac. Anyhow, the track is taken from the forthcoming Emotion and Sound EP. It has some lofi downtempo hip hop beats as the basic structure of the track. Over the top is laid some hazy electronics. But what sets this apart is the addition of some twangy guitar which slides around and gives that extra focus to the track. Goes down real smooth.

Indonesia’s G R I Z (Grizaldi Adipramasatya) returns with The Joy of Chill. Some more lovely guitar work and a track offering a low key epiphany. Drums take a largely hip hop direction. Synths parp around happily. The guitar goes from high end to a lower strum. All of it unimaginably positive. Gambols like a new born lamb, this one. Joyful.

Vilaindada is a new artist from Switzerland. He offers the defiantly low key Moon Away. There is found sound of children playing far off. It’s a slightly isolating experience. The wood blocks choose a slow and stately pace. Beats steer towards the hip hop without ever quite getting there. All the chords go for pathos or melancholy or both. This track is on its own. It’s sad and apart from the world. But it’s beautiful and fragile.

Available to download from Bandcamp

~ by acidted on January 1, 2020.

One Response to “New Year CHill with: The Event Horizon, G R I Z, and vilaindada #Chill #HipHop #Instrumental”

  1. Happy New Year Ctel.

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