Let’s get downtempo with: Orla, Audio Dope, and estrato #Downtempo #Electronic #NewMusic

A triple bill of downtempo chill from orla, Audio Dope, and estrato.

Orla returns from County Meath in Ireland. She also splits her time with Berlin. Only 18 but her work is an assured pleasure. A beautiful balance between coolness and passion. Here we have the just released untitled1 which she says was started in Berlin and completed in Ireland on New Year’s Day. The lead on this is taken by some homeward wandering piano. The electronics are pushed into the far background but have a bit of a pitter patter effect that cushions the piano. Hip hop beats come fashionably late to the party. The sound of the sunrise the morning after the night before. And what a night it was.

It’s a first time here for Switzerland’s Audio Dope. Hailing from Basel, the track is the chilled hip hop of Absence of Gravity. Sets up the twin counterpoints of piano lead and hollowed out hip hop beats. All very wood block with a bit of acoustic strings. The mood is chilled and yet the beats make it somewhat pensive. This isn’t as weightless as the title implies. This is properly grounded and solid.

And so to estrato. A trio from Dresden, Germany, they were founded by stratum in 2014 followed by Mono (guitar) and Adambo (saxophone) in 2019. Here we have an evocation of summer gone by. On Ruheraum (tr. resting room) there’s a laid back chill. Organic instruments of guitar and flute are pressed into electronic shapes. Handclap beats come along to get a bit of rhythm. But mainly it’s too hot to dance too much. Sit awhile. Just chill. Watch the world go by. Enjoy the feeling. It’s cold now but the sun will come again. Promise.

~ by acidted on January 4, 2020.

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