Ambient Sunday with: Eve & Lee, Willem Matens, and Anhedral #Ambient #Electronic #Drone

A slightly droney Sunday with Eve & Lee, Willem Martens, and Anhedral.

Eve & Lee are a duo from the USA. They offer Garden Angels. From the picture, this may reflect Los Angeles but there’s a paucity of information here. And that’s good. You can add your own intepretation. I’m not always a great one for drone but this is brilliant. It’s utterly beatless. It less drones than shimmers or oscillates in endless waves. Quite psychedelic and surprisingly hypnotic. It doesn’t quite deliver on the Brian Eno wallpaper dictum because it has too much presence for that but it does have a pleasing lack of substance or structure. It starts. And then fourteen minutes later it finishes. Brilliant.


Singaporean Anhedral offers Fresh Eyes. I had to look up ahnedral but it means “the angle between a downwardly inclined aircraft wing and a horizontal transverse line.” The track is taken from the Maiden Jaunt EP. It’s another drone based track. No beats here. Some background whooshing and some foreground tones that shimmer of the edge of distortion. A slight tinkling far away for those with eyes to see. Do you have fresh eyes for this track?

Maiden Jaunt EP

And finally Willem Martens. I confess I’d never heard of him before. This artist has been going since the 70s and has a musique concerete background. But in the late 70s he changed direction. He studied Philosophy and Clinical Psychopathology at Amsterdam University in 1978-83. He worked for decades as a psychoanalyst in forensic psychiatric hospitals. But he’s released a new album on which he plays everything. Here we have the track, Emerging Dynamics, from his new Vortex album. There’s an electronic and acoustic blend here. The whole atmosphere is rather orchestral. As if this should be played in the Royal Albert Hall for full effect. There’s even some wordless basso choral floating ominously far away. It shrieks “don’t go there” or “behind you” like the momentous opening to a sci fi horror film. Evocative stuff.

Emerging Dynamics


~ by acidted on January 5, 2020.

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