Let’s get melodic with: Meta, and Laydee V #House #DeepHouse #Melodic

Let’s focus on the melody with Meta, and Laydee V.

Meta is from Canada and offers a collaboration with Deadmau5. Kinda. On Masterkey he says he used from Deadmau5 the “Erechteus midi in the chimera sample pack.” Not sure what that means but no matter. What you get it is one of those bouncy catchy prog house tracks that Deadmau5 delivers so brilliantly. As Meta says, “I channelled my inner faxing Berlin to create my tribute to one of my biggest inspirations on the progressive house side.” He’s done us proud on this. THe main riff starts the track and gradually grows with a touch of darkness until it explodes like the love child of Deadmau5 and JMJ. Positively symphonic in intent but bold enough to spin out over nine minutes to leave you properly satisfied.

Next, from the Czech Republic comes Laydee V (Veronika Esslerova). But she’s been all around the globe. She learned DJing in Sydney, has played in London and Ibiza. She has a label Platform 7even. Today’s offering is Blue Monday from her Sunday Morning twin track release on her own label. It’s a restrained track that takes a clean set of unvarying beats and then overlays it with a variety of synths that come and go. All a bit austere and slightly techno reserved. That makes the occasional synth flashes all the more intense like glitter bombs going off in your ears.

~ by acidted on January 11, 2020.

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