Let’s get down to it boppers: Connor, Funkl & Berg, and Mk SouL X Loyrd LaSouL #AfroBeats #ProgressiveHouse #Techno

Three tracks to funk your dance floor from Connor, Funkl & Berg, and Mk Soul X Loyrd LaSoul.

Connor is from the UK and offers the big, big sounds of Kokoro. This is a pumping main room track sitting somewhere between progressive house and techno. Has a definite flavour of the 90s in its approach. But we like a bit of that. Connor says that the track is, “Named after my mate’s own brand of gin which is also the name of a Japanese berry.” Drums roll and pound, speakers shake, dance floors are filled. There’s even a smidge of acid going on here. Your drink is gonna get spilled. Epic.

Funkl & Berg are from the Netherlands. The track is Specs and Species. It’s a modern astringent leftfield techno sound. They say that, “The song reflects our dayjobs that constantly require reducing complex matters to specified and sorted views.” Not sure what that means. Anyhow, lots of backwards sounds and drums that owe as much to electro as techno. Melodic but awkward. Kinda experimental glitchy dreaming. More back room than main room. Quality.



As a bit of a comedown from those let’s have some South African Afro Beats from Mk Soul X Loyrd LaSoul. Sounds of Afriq does what it says on the tin. Some great biscuit tin beats bobble around with vocal fragments and Rhodes. The vibe has a dash of funk and what they call deep afro tech. There’s a lovely shuffliness to the track. A slightly sultry slither that gives you a shiver. All night long.



~ by acidted on January 18, 2020.

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