Ambient Sunday with: Micron, Faodail, and JAF 34 #Ambient #Drone #Electronic #NewMusic

An ambient triple bill with Micron, Faodail, and JAF 34,

This is Micron’s first time here but I’m guessing it won’t be the last. The track is Equilibrium and it’s beatless ambient from his 2020 EP. The track is in a vein that harks back to the organic sounding greats of the early 90s. A bit of Mixmaster Morris here, a dab of Pete Namlook, and a splash of Biosphere there. It’s electronic but quite orchestral in the drone sweep. The aim is to, “create zero gravity soundscapes that transport the listener into an other world.” And that ambition is perfectly realised.

Next, the return of Scotland’s Faodail (Callan Marchetti). A bit of a regular at AcidTed, the new track is Coming Up For Air. This blends electronics with organics and piano to create something really quite misty and wistful. It’s beatless but the occasional thrum of the bass gives it moments of urgency. But it’s also short so it’s like a moment in time which is held and then as suddenly gone, As for the track title, Faodail says it was, “Inspired by the George Orwell novel of the same name… to evoke the nostalgia we all feel in a constantly changing world.”

JAF 34 is from the Czech Republic and returns after a year’s absence with a thirteen minute track called Light. JAF 34 self describes as, “a mysterious independent project from Prague and it’s based on post-rock / ambient / experimental genres.” And all of those things are here. The track is mainly a drone track with almost eternal phases. It makes the most of its expansive time to pause, reflect and wonder at everything. It’s a beatless mix of rising and falling ambient tone with only a touch of post-rock guitar. It wants to draw you in to its world so it isn’t particularly experimental. But in a short attention span world 13 minutes is a very looooooong time. It isn’t wasted.

And there’s also some visuals which in which you go through 4 phases of mental purgatory, as in an intermediate state after physical death for expiatory purification. JAF 34 says of the video that it, “is shot entirely in the virtual world, where we find imaginary escape and redemption from the contemporary world. During the evolution of the video clip, you will go through several phases of reminiscence. In each part, a new stage of development and perception of reality with a strong catharsis at the very end always awaits you.” Which is nice.

~ by acidted on January 19, 2020.

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