Soft and gentle with: Elson Complex. and Sheepishwolf #Guitar #HipHop #Instrumental

A couple of soft and gentle tracks for today from Elson Complex, and Sheepishwolf. There’s delicate guitar, hip hop and ring tones. Lots of ring tones.

Spain’s Elson Complex returns with another lovely acoustic guitar track on Caletonia. But done in a way that reflects electronic music. Really. If you think the title sounds a Spanish blend, you’d be right. Elson Complex explains, “one half of my family comes from Andalusia, the other half from Catalonia. I was born in Foreign Countries. Three souls (at least) are dwelling in my breast.” And so you get Caletonia, a three and a half minute guitar strum. A melancholy wander in the arid countryside. All lost times and far off vistas. There’s acres of space between the notes. A missing spaghetti Western soundtrack. A sad delight.

Sheepishwolf is from New Jersey, USA. The track is Missed Calls. It’s a rain swept mix of phone bleeps and tones. Of calls never answered. Connections are lost. That’s as sad as the background strings and light hip hop beats. This track is part of a series called Terrible Tuesdays. But the rain never stops. Only at the end does someone answer, “Hello?” But by then. It’s too late. No connections now possible.

~ by acidted on January 21, 2020.

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