Techno treats with: Hondo, Patrick Topping x Kevin Saunderson, and Hunter #Techno #Minimal #House

Three techno treats for Saturday with Hondo, Patrick Topping x Kevin Saunderson, and Hunter.

Let’s go leftfield to start with. Hondo is from the USA but I don’t know any more than that. Whistle and Humm is almost C&W techno. It’s a really minimal style full of bluegrass slides and whistling. The beats are slow and loping around on the range. It’s got lots of prairie space in the track. Saddle up and get listening.

Canada’s Hunter has a track from his I Might Forgive I Don’t Forget EP. This is a blast of rather European=style techno. Full of clean lines and controlled aggression. Away Too Long is a seven minute techno excursion into the dark side. The bass is a pitch black affair of twangy reverb. The beats come as sidekick not to occupy foreground. The synths offer pace and energy. A proper dance floor filler this one.

Finally, techno legend Kevin Saunderson teams up with the UK’s Patrick Topping on Frisk. I’m not sure I need to add anything more. You should listen. But if you have any qualms, let me tell you it’s fabulous. A slice of slightly old school acid techno but delivered with wit and energy. Everything futuristic techno should be. Lithe lissom stuff, all lean, no fat or excess. This is quite, quite brilliant.

~ by acidted on January 25, 2020.

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