Ambient Sunday with: Myles Lasco, Longshore Drift, and Humberto Polar & Mike Sandoval #Ambient #Electronic #Drone

It’s Sunday again. A bit too much excess last night means I’m even more up for something quiet, so let’s get down to it softly with Myles Lasco, Longshore Drift and Humberto Polar & Mike Sandoval.

Myles Lasco is from the US and has produced an album of meditative tunes called Walking Meditations. Some of it is a bit too meditative for me but Mutable rises above the fray. It’s a track that has a low bass warbling buzz overlaid with some lovely Eastern strings. Comes over a bit Japan / David Sylvian in an early 80s synth way. Avoids the trap of simply becoming wallpaper music. This has an ethereal weight and presence. Quite lovely.

Longshore Drift is from the UK and unless I’m much mistaken has been around since the early 2000s. The track is in the cold night. If that sounds desolate, then you’re right. It is. LSD says it is, “the first single from a new body of work that explore the theme of being destitute.” The track is not as forlorn or dark as that descriptor might imply. It’s fragile, yes. It’s occasionally forsaken in the far off trumpet sound that floats around on the fringes of society. But it’s not entirely bereft. There are little uplifting phrases and moments to remind you that when all seems lost there’s always a glimmer of hope. Hold on.

Thirdly, we have Humberto Polar & Mike Sandoval from Mexico. Humberto, AKA Monopolar, has a career and background as a techno and electronic music producer. Mike, as a young composer and double bass player, has many musical backgrounds in between rock, jazz, folk and free improvisation. The track is Study IV from the release Six Asymmetric Studies (available on digital and vinyl). It’s a blend between more experimental / IDM electronic sounds and some Latin American organic warmth. On the electronic side there are all manner of bibbles and bobbles. Things click and jitter. It’s all very avant garde. But hidden among it is an almost jazz sensibility of piano, guitar and bass. They come. They go. It’s a never-ending kaleidoscope of sound.

~ by acidted on January 26, 2020.

One Response to “Ambient Sunday with: Myles Lasco, Longshore Drift, and Humberto Polar & Mike Sandoval #Ambient #Electronic #Drone”

  1. Thanks for the review. Found some great tracks on here.

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