Techno triple from DYR, Zerotonine, and Willie Wallet x AK #Techno #Melodic #Minimal

A techno triple bill for Saturday from DYR, Zerotonine, and Willie Wallet x AK.

DYR is Colleen Burns. Her biog offers, “DYR (Uniting Souls) is a Seattle-based DJ and producer offering a queer lens and uncompromised originality in electronic music.” The track is Mondial Cosmos which is a wonderful house techno track. A really beautifully constructed affair. Full of ascending highs, little quirks and a rich bass. It’s an utter delight that manages originality without the need to go too leftfield or ‘difficult’. It’s her new single available on the Uniting Souls Winter Compilation (available on Beatport).

Switzerland’s Zerotonine returns from a winter gorging on fondue and Toblerone (probably) to offer his new Switch EP. We have the title track. This is a shake off the winter blues kind of track. A progressive techno pumping monster of a track. This offers acid flavouring, a bit of a 90s structure, and away you go. One of those tracks that propels you forward in a club whether you want to or not. But you do. Oh yes you do. And you want it never to end. What a rush.

And so to Finland for Willie Wallet x AK. Their offering is The Chase. It’s a dark and haunting affair. The bass is deep and scuzzy. A kick drum to break down any door. And some hip hop vocals that give it a bit of a Chemical Brothers twist. All Stygian gloom and no shafts of light. This minimal techno track grips from the outset and won’t let go. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

~ by acidted on February 1, 2020.

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