Downtempo vibes with: Synesthete, and Stranger Vibes #Downtempo #Synth #Chill

A couple of leftfield downtempo tracks from Synesthete, and Stranger Vibes. Neither are chill as you’d generally think of them but both are rather lovely.

Synesthete returns with Happenstance. That’s a little used word meaning coincidence. No idea what that has to do with the track. Anyhow, Synesthete is Dan Dellecese from New York who has synaesthesia (I always thought it was hearing sound as colour but more accurately it’s having a sense produced by the stimulation of another sense). The track is a mix of washed out and faded synths alongside processed chorals. The beats are what makes it with their awkward post-rock structures. Keeps the track just nicely off balance the whole time. And then a lead synth that beautifully knits everything together. Like a bow on a most anticipated present this is a building sense of pleasure and reward.



Stranger Vibes are from Mexico. But I know no more than that. And this is their first single. The unassumingly titled Wet Paint. A lot more fun than it sounds. This has warped piano, pitter patter blocks, chimes and a sense of ‘other.’ The beats shuffle along in a crushed kind of way offering sinuous pleasures. It’s all a bit sultry. Prepare to get hot under the collar.

~ by acidted on February 4, 2020.

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