Lo-Fi Hip Hop with: G R I Z, and Mark James III x Ibra-Heem #HipHop #TripHop #LoFi

A couple of lo-fi hip hop tunes from G R I Z, and Mark James III x Ibra-Heem which go in slightly different directions.

G R I Z (Grizaldi Adipramasatya) is Indonesian music producer who returns with Perfect Time For Rain. This has lo-fi beats but the track is built round a lonesome guitar. Gives the whole track a centre and a melancholic air. Ends up somewhere between trip hop and jazz with the little guitar noodles that pepper the track. And that’s offset by the chiming synth balancing the sadness with just a touch of optimism. Lovely.

Next, Mark James II with Ibra-Heem give us Cupid. Mark is from Sydney, Australia but now resident in Los Angeles. That he had a background in the North Sydney Boys Jazz Big Band is no surprise. He pitches this as lo-fi R&B but there’s more jazz lounge here than you could shake a rollneck jumper at. The track is intended to take you on a journey through Cupid’s typical day. The lush production and sinuous vibes mean this track is focused on late night and luurve that is on the cusp on getting down and dirty. Most of the strain on this track is taken by the interplay between a gentle guitar, some crisp beats and the occasional skirl of brass trumpet. Turn the lights down low.

~ by acidted on February 20, 2020.

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