Ambient Sunday: Alaskan Tapes, The Rashomon Effect, and JD Lion #Ambient #Chill #Synth

Three for ambient Sunday from Alaskan Tapes, The Rashomon Effect, and JD Lion.

Canadian Alaskan Tapes is actually from Toronto/Ontario. He produces mainly post-rock tracks with a big dollop of drone. Here, the title track from his recent Views From Sixteen Stories LP gets a remix by Sun Rain. This takes it off into a more shoegaze ambient place of chill. Everything has that washed out quality. There’s found sound somewhere off-stage. Everything shimmers with drone. It’s all lazy, hazy, time slowed down. A gravel washed seashore of a track.

Views From Sixteen Stories LP (available on vinyl)

The Rashomon Effect (Douglas Merlino) is from New York and makes liminal music for dreams, as in the transitional stage of things. And that’s pretty apparent on The Gate which hovers between ambient and house. It’s all pretty ambient synths but with house beats and insistent but wordless vocals. And just a bit disorientating. A rich textural rush of sounds. Both protective cocoon and suffocating blanket. The whole thing is, like he says, “always driving toward something just out of reach.”

JD Lion is Joe Devadanam from Austin, Texas. This is chilled synthwave, which is a bit of a surprise since he’s a long-time drummer. But this is largely beatless. It’s a night time neon synthwave road trip. Midnight Drive (Home To You) is at one level a simple long drive of a tune. But at another its a love song, a mix of toil and pleasure. IT’s that mix of anticipation, fatigue and relief driven through a synth piano’s slow chime and big washes of far off lights. Trippy.

Taken from the album Born Out Of The Desert

~ by acidted on February 23, 2020.

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