Wishing for warmth: Torin Bell – Memories of Spring #Downtempo #Minimal #Chill

This year has been so wet thus far. We seem stuck in a perpetual cycle of cold days, rainy soggy pitches, windy nights, and discussions of chill factor. Spring seems elusively out of reach. A promise unfulfilled. Torin Bell returns with the beautiful Memories of Spring to remind us of what we hope is so come.

Of the track saying, “This song captured the audial experience of my past Spring. The sounds and effect reflect the springtime and bring on the sense of peace and wonder of new beginnings.” This is string filled, chilled hopefulness. A track filled with perky green shoots of recovery and chiming guitar. Beats wash softly. Notes tumble like gambolling lambs. Renew your sense of what is to come here. Let the sunshine of the track warm your pale face.

Taken from Memories of Spring EP

~ by acidted on February 28, 2020.

One Response to “Wishing for warmth: Torin Bell – Memories of Spring #Downtempo #Minimal #Chill”

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