Definitely downtempo with: Senst, Calkeeno, and Aurora B.Polaris #Electronic #Downtempo #Chill #NewMusic

Not quite ambient Sunday today. More downtempo and minimal with Senst, Calkeeno, and Aurora B Polaris.

Senst is Engin Al from Izmir, Turkey. His track is Confusion. This is a lovely piano led downtempo track. But backed by some jittery beats, shards of guitar and synthetic strings. It’s both soothing and edgy. Senst says, “I knew this confused young girl. She used to try to make her life meaningful by constantly making radical decisions. Even though some of them helped, in the end, they left her even more confused. She was unable to keep a thought, not knowing where to go or what to do with her life yet still has the hope that everything will be just fine. I just tried to turn her confusion into music.” If this track is anything to go by, it’s all going to turn out ok. A really high quality chill trackw irth a perfect balance in its delivery.

Another first timer here is calkeeno. He’s a producer from Northern Ireland. His track is 1002. No idea about the title, though I fear with NI that anything that looks like it might be a date is significant. Be that as it may, what you get is a lush, warm, chilled track. He says, “I’ve combined my favourite parts about music, airy and ethereal pads with a warm bass, trancey melodies that spin around your head, that all lead to a pounding kick.” A four minute splurge of emotional rush. Starts quietly and then builds itself up. Like the gradual rising of the sun this grows in intensity. Warming tones for old cold bones.

And so to Italy with Aurora B Polaris (Daniel Coscarella). He’s got a background as a drummer though that doesn’t especially come through here on As Tears We Fall. There is solid percussion which underpins the track. But the foreground is rising synths and then the dreamy ethereal vocal. Has quite a bit of Saint Etienne in their more trip hop phase. It’s all terribly romantic in a big unabashed way. There’s a lovely haziness to everything and nothing gets rushed. There’s space to stop and stare. Enjoy the moment.

~ by acidted on March 1, 2020.

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