Techno triple with: Asaro, Kasablanca, and Guido Klein #Techno #ProgressiveHouse #MelodicTechno

Three techno tracks this morning from Asaro, Kasablanca, and Guido Klein.

Asaro is from Vancouver, Canada. The track is Elatus Equus (‘lofty horse’ in Latin). It’s a fabulous dark techno track with anxious vocal sampling on top that’s slightly lost in the murk. It’s from the Hungarian film Turin Horse but in many way it doesn’t really matter. This is about the pace of the bass and beats. It’s a speed ride journey. The synths on top give it a bit of an electro sheen and accentuate the pace. A windswept nightmare ride in the darkness.

This is the second release from new mystery melodic house & techno project, Kasablanca. From America and called Brian (perhaps). Let’s move away from speculation and onto the track Alive. Unusually for me this is big pumping sounds. A proper main room track. Full of peak, swoops and even a dab of female vocal. This is pure oxygen. An endorphin high. Beats charge around. Synths parp away. Everything climbs towards an EDM inspired peak. And then half way through it takes a bit of a breather with a vocodered section giving it a latent Daft Punk moment. Orgiastic.

And so to Guido Klein. From Argentina I think. He offers Desármate (tr. unload?). The track is a slightly austere techno one. It avoids the need to overwhelm you with beats or noise. Despite the four minute length it’s content to take its time in creating a mood of patient anticipation. What makes this is the bass thundering away in the background like a gathering storm. Enjoy the gloom and the rain.

~ by acidted on March 7, 2020.

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