Face the music with: Louis Warner, and JOYFULTALK #HipHop #Electronica #IDM

Goodness the news is a depressing place this morning. Let’s forget our cares with a couple of lovely leftfield tracks from Louis Warner, and JOYFULTALK.

Louis Warner is from the UK and offers Hoarse Laughter. He describes the track as a, “freestyle jazz inspired instrumental.” I guess that’s right. But it makes it sound a bit too much like goatee stroking stuff. Which it isn’t. It’s a lovely almost hip hop inspired track. It’s got a delightful lonesome plaintive cornet sound that, with accompanying piano, leads the track through a mournful but spritely dance. A really cool track.

From the album Hoarse Laughter

And so to Canada for Nova Scotia’s JOYFULTALK (Jay Crocker). Another that’s going a bit jazz. But this time the more modern atonal avant garde style of jazz. The track is Part II – Pixelated Skin from the album A Separation of Being. This is pitched as channelling, “minimalism, Japanese environmental music, Maghrebian rhythmic modes and other numinous folkways.” If that sounds a bit too heavy duty don’t be put off. It’s a playful electronic wander around the globe. There’s a solid set of leftfield IDM beats that look askance at the world instruments that bounce around happily. This  leaves something that’s part travelogue soundtrack, part computer game music, and part orchestral score.

~ by acidted on March 14, 2020.

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