Coming in with the sun: Jake Kaiser, Nick AM, and Nemotea #ProgHouse #House #DeepHouse #NewMusic

Unparalleled times we live in. Austerity followed by the biggest fiscal stimulus package I can remember. London going into hibernation perhaps. Anyhow, here’s three tracks filled with a bit of spring sunshine from Jake Kaiser, Nick AM, and Nemotea.

US artist Jake Kaiser returns with his new prog house track Morning Rays. Jakes says this was written whilst watching the sun rise. And you can believe it. It has that gradually ascending sense of untainted promise. Beats gradually enlarge. Synths get bigger and bolder. They ripple out in a flood of endorphin. And the world seems that little bit more welcoming as a result. Let the warmth of this track spread infuse you with better days ahead.

Next Nick AM returns for the first time in almost a year with the politics of oppression on Take It Back. This is political not in vocals or samples but that it uses Iranian instruments as the basis for a deep house track. A reminder that the world can come together (at a safe social distance). This is a track of pride in where you’re from and where you’re going. It whirls around on slippery strings and crisp beats. Handclaps give structure and the track makes your day that bit better just by being there.

Finally, a new artist to these parts in Nemotea. He’s Masato Nemoto from Chiba, Japan. The track is Close My Eyes which is a bit odd. This is an eyes wide open kind of track. Open like saucers since this comes with an E gurn. The track’s centrepiece is a keyboard sound that takes the best of piano house off into something just a touch more sophisticated and cool. It’s sort of progressive house and sort of EDM and sort of neither. It’s a synth bound epiphany of which Nemotea says, “Listen to Pluck melody and cool Pad sound!”


~ by acidted on March 21, 2020.

One Response to “Coming in with the sun: Jake Kaiser, Nick AM, and Nemotea #ProgHouse #House #DeepHouse #NewMusic”

  1. Yep, strange times. Love the first track, haven’t got to the other two yet.

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