Listen, listen to the wind: Koltbach – Celsius (°C) #Breakbeat #Ambient #Electronic

The sun’s shining, the birds are singing, coffee’s brewed. But it’s not normal. Day 1 of UK lockdown (in effect). Want something to take me away. Away from here. Away from now. Germany’s Koltbach returns to do just that.

The tack is Celsius and comes with this quote from Koltbach, “Listen. Listen to the wind; to the dancing dust. Hear the melodies of the dying boughs. Listen to the children. Hear their calls. Far, far away. Hear them fall silent in the sand.” (J.C. Groth) or in the original German “Lausche. Lausche dem Wind, dem tanzenden Staub. Höre die Melodien des sterbenden Geästs. Lausche den Kindern. Höre die Rufe. Weit, weit weit weg. Höre sie im Sande verstummen.” (J.C. Groth).

The tune opens as an ambient wander in a piano filled landscape with only a few chimes for company. All wistful and longing until the bass comes calling. Like a far off menacing presence it glowers in the background. This is seven minutes of almost total isolation. The loneliness is palpable, despite the bass shudders. It is the end of day, with a whimper not a bang. Brilliant.



~ by acidted on March 24, 2020.

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