House weekend with: Zachery Allan Starkey x Bernard Sumner, BICEP, and Wolvo #House #Synth #Techno

It’s been a very long week. The joys of COVID-19 occupying all my days. And much of my dreams. Here’s three tracks to blow away the cobwebs from Zachery Allan Starkey x Bernard Sumner, BICEP and Wolvo.

Zachery Allan Starkey returns with Bernard Sumner (yes, that one. The New Order legend) on Force. This, unsurprisingly, has mote than a bit of Blue Monday era New Order about it. But with more of a synthwave swing. Force reminds us to remain strong and brave in these dark and frightening times. “Fear will not tear us apart!” sings Starkey at the climax of the track. As for how come Barney got involved, he says, “When Zachery Allan Starkey first played me his album in its original inception, I was originally just going to put together a list of recommendations and constructive feedback. I think I got a bit carried away on ‘Force’ as it was easier to illustrate what I meant by playing, rather than to write it down. I wanted to help Zachery by acting as a mirror for his music.”

Despite the drone of a dark bass this track can’t help but be uplifting, even if unintentionally. Synths soar and shimmer in their eighties prime. And that’s notwithstanding the lyrics, about which Zachery explains, “The lyrics I wrote for ‘Force’ are about the current political chaos in the US and around the world, as well as the ever increasing socio-economic inequality I see on the streets of NYC, the opiate epidemic, and now the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Next, the UK’s leftfield techno stars BICEP return with their first release since 2018. Atlas is a squiggling techno track full of ethereal vocals. But this is no lightweight. There’s a solidity to the track from the crisply defined beats. The track has a  looseness that seems to have come from the flexibility and confidence of being on tour. And it has a defiantly euphoric glow. Matt and Andy (BICEP) say, “It feels like those [euphoric] moments are very far away for all of us right now, but we hope this serves as some form of distraction amidst all this chaos.” This track has no trouble bearing the weight of the world on its shoulders. Order the 12″ now.



And so to the final track of the morning. A banger. I try and avoid such things like the… err… plague. But occasionally one gets through. This is one of those. Amnesia by Wolvo. There’s nothing clever clever here. It’s brilliantly executed piano house that aims straight for the rush and won’t give up. Wolvo is Rav Kumar, originally from the West Midlands, UK but now in Los Angeles via Miami. The track opens as it means to go on with big brash beats and squally bass. Then the catchy “You started a fire” singalong before topping things off with a ridiculously catchy piano break. Utterly brash and utterly irresistible. I couldn’t help but submit to its power. In the morning all of this will be forgotten but the smile it induces will remain.

~ by acidted on March 28, 2020.

One Response to “House weekend with: Zachery Allan Starkey x Bernard Sumner, BICEP, and Wolvo #House #Synth #Techno”

  1. The new Bicep track is growing on me. At first I wasn’t sure, thought they were just repeating themselves but it’s getting its hooks into me now.

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