Ambient Sunday with: Lauge, and Matt Bacon #Ambient #Downtempo #Instrumental

Sun streaming in through the window but still a decisive chill in the air. Winter not quite ready to loosen it’s grip. A couple of ambient tunes for you from Lauge and Matt Bacon.

Lauge is from Denmark and offers Aerochord from the Latitudes album. This is an experimental drone and ambient album made up of 18 individual live recordings. He says that, “All tracks in this project were limited to 8 channels per track and recorded live in one go without any post editing.” Aerochord is five minutes of drone. That’s not always my thing but in this case it is quite beautifully delivered. Chords last for an eternity but it has a sense of ebb and flow. A melody that runs through it like jam in a Victoria sponge. And like the jam it’s both sweet and tart. It tingles in your ears alongside far off waves. Delicious.

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Next, Matt Bacon from the USA. He’s a guitarist. But he takes influence from drone and ambient music. Perhaps that’s why this one appealed. The track is Masala Red from his Thru The Waterfall EP. He says that, “the tuning I use is based on Indian raag.” After consulting Wiki I can tell you that it literally means “colouring, tingeing, dyeing” and is a melodic framework for improvisation akin to a melodic mode in Indian classical music. In essence, this is abut the ability to colour the mind. And it’s the rolling hooks and motifs in this track that take you into ambient and drone territory. It comes and goes, and things turn round again in endless waves of sound. Quite beautiful, charming and calming.

~ by acidted on March 29, 2020.

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