In defiance of dark times with: Fold, Reef Loretto, and PJhasBeats #Funk #HipHop #Soul #DeepHouse

In defiance of these dark times let’s have some funk and swing with Fold, Reef Loretto, and PJhasBeats.

Fold returns after far too long with new track Concrete Things. This comes with the manifesto that it was, “Released in defiance of dark times Concrete Things exalts the importance of using our cognitive gifts to steer ourselves towards the proverbial light.” I’m not quite sure what that means. But what I do know is that this is sparky funk and soul. It makes significant use of words from writer and playwright Lorraine Hansberry. It’s from her that the track title comes. And she gives the track a solid centre amidst the slightly frivolous brass and guitars. This track is a splash of gayglo colour in an otherwise stay at home world.

First time here for Bostonian Reef Loretto and Burn My Lips. This is a funky deep house groove. It never sits still. It’s always squirming in its desire to hit the dance floor. Reef Loretto says of the track, “I wrote this song on two plane rides: from Boston to Madrid, around New Years, and then from Madrid to Boston early January of this year. While in Madrid, I experienced one of the most severe emotional rollercoasters of my entire life, and this song is a snapshot of how my heart felt at the time.” It keeps a constant roll of the four to the floor beats and some delightful synth work. This is sinuous in the extreme.

And so to American PJhasBeats. The track is Ocelot from his debut album Tight Eyed. It’s a slow loping hip hop groove. Beats are unhurried and the mood is mellow and a bit soulful. He says, “I used some Latin influenced piano chords & some swinging drums to blend together a bouncy mellow track.” This has a head nodding throbbing sense of wow from the synths and a sweetness of strings. An aural ray of sunshine.

~ by acidted on March 31, 2020.

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