Instrumental hip hop with: wisemind, Buda Bap Beats and Red The Chef #HipHop #Instrumental #Chill

A triple bill of instrumental hip hop for days spent alone from wisemind, Buda Bap Beats, and Red The Chef.

Wisemind is Matt Snyder from Los Angeles, USA and offers Perception. This is the title track from the album Your Perception Is Your Reality.

This is hip hop as chill and more than a little ambient. There’s nothing brash here. It’s all very childlike and introverted. This is hip hop sitting on the floor in a corner. The refrains go over and over in your mind like the regret of something you have done. He offers, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” from Henry David Thoreau. Beats crash in and out like the beat of your heavy heart. Little bits of guitar tug at your conscience. AnOzark harp asks for forgiveness. It’s all so beautifully childlike and delicate.

Australia’s Buda Bap Beats returns with a jolt of positivity on Dedication. This is a bit of almost sixties guitar infused hip hop. It’s got swing, sass and some brass (neck). He says this is about, “Be healthy in these crazy times!!” If you insist on working out then this is for you. But if you want to sit with sun on your face (in your own space and not a public place) then this is also for you. It’s the way you want the world to be, rather than how it is. Dream on.

Thirdly, Red The Chef, a lo-fi hip hop producer from New England. We have his first single on Soundplate Records, Lush ahead of the Here and There EP, out on 1 May. Lush is a wonderfully chilled track. It has hazy melodies over crisp drums. There’s an almost sax sense of sunlight and summer. It may only be a two minute track but it fills every second with warm sounds. This sounds great with an early evening drink of your choice. Don’t be afraid of a glass with umbrellas.

~ by acidted on April 7, 2020.

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