Techno triple wiith: Simon De Beer, Widerberg, and Expectaz #Techno #MelodicTechno

It’s a public holiday here. But that doesn’t mean that much in lockdown and when I’m working anyway. Nonetheless, I thought it not right for it to pass without tunes in which to lose your cares in and to soundtrack your bedroom disco. The tracks come from Simon De Beer, Widerberg and Expectaz.

Simon De Beer is from South Africa and offers desert techno. The track is the un-desert like Comet. This is a spacey sort of techno with a widescreen vision of the world. There are what sound almost like tablas going on in the background and wordless ahhs punctuate the track. This is about build and suspense from a far off alien bass. Doesn’t really have conventional peaks as such but sort of grows as it moves. Lovely.

Next, the return after the best part of two years of Turkey’s Widerberg with Vera. An oddly plain name for an exotic track released as part of the Elementary, Pt.1 compilation. The track is led by some light, gently pumping, synths and given depth through a slow squelchy bass line. The beats are there but generally kept towards the background. THis track leads you inexorably towards a peak but doesn’t feel the need to drown you in it. This is all about celebration and lightness of touch. Delightful.

Finally, Expectaz from the Netherlands. There’s no mucking about with Second To Twelve. This is proper techno that dominates from the start. It opens with a throbbing bass to let you know who’s in charge. Synths do eventually arrive to give it a lighter presence but by then you’re hooked and staying for the five minute duration. In the end the track is nowhere near as hard as the opening implies. It’s a lovely melodic techno journey of the mind. It has a verve and pace that’s to be admired.

~ by acidted on April 10, 2020.

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