New music: A Guy Called Purple, and rclmr #AfroTech #Tech #Experimental #IDM

Here’s a couple of tracks that don’t fit the usual boundaries from A Guy Called Purple, and rclmr.

A Guy Called Purple may be from the Turks & Caicos islands. Who knows? There isn’t a bio. But I can tell you that the track is Nebula on Bush Doctor Records. And it’s a complete stormer. Has the whole of the 90s blended into a single package. If that sounds a mess of styles, then think again. This is brilliantly executed. It’s a track that takes its time and has plenty of space. Space to accommodate some dub techno, a bit of trance whooshing, some tech beats and a bit of Afro toughness. All the elements are perfectly aligned. Lose your mind here.

Next vowel-avoider rclmr, who is Alec Hurt from Peoria, USA. The track is EDMT. He says it, “is a track that’s from my album Traverse City Rhythm – a collection of dance tracks made in traverse city, Michigan.”  I suppose I should call this experimental. But that’s to short change it. There’s a wonderful celebration of city life here. It’s all blips and bloops and never knowing what’s around the next corner. IDM beats clatter and rattle by. Bins clank. Discarded waste gets blown down the road. Ah, the forbidden sounds of ‘outside.’

~ by acidted on April 14, 2020.

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