Deep and Prog House with: Greg Venny, and Initial Eyes #DeepHouse #ProgHouse

Something a bit more melodic and positive this morning from Greg Venny and Initial Eyes.

Greg Venny is from the UK. This is his debut single Nostalgia on California label Routine Espresso Recordings. It’s a big slab of deep progressive house. The beats are there but kept well back in the mix making it a bit more deep house than anything else. Centre stage is given variously to some gorgeous strings and a lovely light synth hook. This punctuates the track with almost dub-like stabs of sound. The whole thing is carried along on deep clouds of lovelorn ache. It’s really quite delightful.

Next, Initial Eyes from Virginia, USA. The track is a big prog house banger called Riddle of the Sphinx. Clear yourself some room in wherever you are cos you’re gonna need to turn the lights out and make a dance floor. This is all about the beats and a filthy, dirty bass line. This is intertwined with a synth rhythm that has a sinuous pleasure and an almost Eastern feel. All terribly other and far away. According to an old Greek myth, travellers from distant lands would encounter a sphinx that would present to them a riddle. If they were able to solve it, the sphinx would obliterate them but if they were fortunate to answer correctly, the sphinx would spare them and allow them to pass. Do not try to pass go here, just keep dancing.

~ by acidted on April 15, 2020.

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