A rare departure for me: Reliant Tom – The Sky is Falling #TripHop #Rock

A rare departure for me from the world of electronic instrumentals into something that’s both vocal-led and rock-based. Here’s Reliant Tom with The Sky Is Falling.

Reliant Tom are Claire Cluny and Monte Weber and are based in Brooklyn. Theirs is a largely post-rock sound. This track is taken from their second album Play & Rewind. There are guitars and (programmed) rock drums with a smattering of electronics floating about. And then there are dramatic strings. But its the pain and the aching sadness and the anger of the vocal that make this track what it is. It’s no surprise that it’s all about death. The death of Claire’s father. She says, “it’s about going home again and having the physical things that belonged to someone still be there even though they aren’t, it’s about telling Mom what happened, it’s about feeling that the absolute worst has happened and nothing else can get you.” This is one overwhelming track.

~ by acidted on April 21, 2020.

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