Music for over the yardarm: Chris Wayfarer, Retrosonics & Yan Solo, Moudy Afifi, Modus Operandi, and Hefemony #House #DeepHouse

Over the yardarm. All a bit rotary club in the UK. And rather Southern England. But I like its antiquated form and the excuse of waiting for the sun to lower before breaking out the drinks. Here’s an early evening mix of tracks for your (self-isolated) house party with Chris Wayfarer, Retrosonics & Yan Solo, Moudy Afifi, Modus Operandi, and Sintax And Balance.

The phrase for those, like me, that care about these things comes from: “The yardarms on a sailing ship are the horizontal timbers or spars mounted on the masts, from which the square sails are hung. At certain times of year it will seem from the deck that the sun has risen far enough up the sky that it is above the topmost yardarm. In summer in the north Atlantic, where the phrase seems to have originated, this would have been at about 11am. This was by custom and rule the time of the first rum issue of the day to officers and men (the officers had their tots neat, the men’s diluted). It seems that officers in sailing ships adopted a custom, even when on shore, of waiting until this time before taking their first alcoholic drink of the day.”

Chemnitz in Germany’s Chris Wayfarer first, with a track – May – from his Less Elbows More Vibes EP. A title with which I hope we can all agree. The track is a lovely deep house chiller to start you off with. Burbling electronics give way to a deep deeper deepest vibe and bits of guitar weave in and out. Strings punctuate the track. Rhodes chords soften the whole thing out giving it a rich smoothness. Six minutes of essential pleasures. I’d suggest going for a Campari and soda with this one.

And so to South Africa for Yan Solo X Retrosonic. Their offering is Mercury. Not all flaming hot but liquid and more than a little moody. There’s a bruising bass line that takes centre stage whilst some almost afro tribal beats pound away in the background. And then the synths arrive, slightly Middle Eastern in appeal but dressed in black with mirror shades. There’s more than a touch of the theme music for baddies and dark dance floors here. This is excellent. I’d suggest a Black Russian with this one.

Next, Moudy Afifi with In The Shadows. Mohamed Afifi is an Egyptian businessman born in Cairo, who recently decided shifting his career from chemicals manufacturing into the music industry using his nickname “Moudy ” along with his family name “Afifi” as his brand name for all his music productions. That’s some career change. You’ll be glad he made the switch. In The shadows is an electro synth track. There’s bits of Kraftwerk softened out with synths from Vangelis. The whole thing is an intoxicating mix of 80s tin drums with 70s disco synths. Then it gets a level harder and you hit 80s synth pop and 70s music for robots. A history lesson in a glass. Perhaps a rosewater coffee would be best with this one.

Modus Operandi from Germany arrive to give the party a bit of an opportunity to draw breath. Superbia is the track from the Peccatorum EP. An EP of sins. They say that, “An evening of partying is full of sins.” Too true, so I’ve heard. Their EP offers several sinful pleasures – Sins like jealousy on the dance floor (invidia), laziness (acedia), lusting before, during and after a party (luxuria), vanity in front of the mirror (superbia) and the occasional anger and revenge (ira) are always around one way or another.

Superbia is in love with itself. And why not? It’s a beautiful creature. Caressed and teased to within an inch of its life. This is a diva before going centre stage. The whole thing catwalks along the techno and deep house borders. There’s a darkness of techno here. Always black, dahling! But also the glamour of deep house. But deep house luxe. The bass line gives the whole thing a stage presence that cannot be ignored. It wants you to pay attention. If you do, you’ll be hooked. Flaming sambuca with this one.

Hefemony from Spain offers Sintax and Balance. This is a deep, deep house tune. But instead of sliding into something chilled this goes for a more danceable proposition. The beats are up front and perky. The synths are spritely and light on their feet. The whole thing is a dose of spring sunshine and the promise of new leaves on the trees. The dry days and chilly nights of spring without the suffocating sultriness of summer. Strings are scatter round like gambolling lambs. But there’s also an underlying seriousness. There’s nothing cheap and disposable. Deep house of proper quality. Go for an upmarket white Rioja.



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  1. Thanks for your support guys, really appreciated!

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