Ambient Sunday with: Oils, 1 Mile North, and Future Museums #Ambient #Drone #PostRock

Three tracks for this Ambient Sunday, from Oils, 1 Mile North, and Future Museums. Sounds range from wonky synths to something a bit more towards Krautrock / post-rock.

Oils up first. This is Ollie (no second name offered) from London. The project is, “a new solo home production project founded with a love of psychedelic feeling and meditative qualities attributed to music.” This is music of revolving phrases that continually come and go. But in a good way. A definite gentle psychedelic feel to it, with the synths floating about in a hazy acid trip. But also deeply meditative without ever becoming wallpaper music. It’s all electronic but manages to have the organic feel that you associate with Boards of Canada. Deeply felt beautiful music.

Next, some even more fragile music but with a bit of a post-rock sense is 1 Mile North from the USA. They are an ambient / post-rock duo consisting of guitarist Jon Hills and keyboardist Mark Bajuk. The track is Drying The Fuse from the album Tombs and Cocoons. There’s a haze of synths set against the calming clatter of post-rock drums. It’s all drone tones and long phrases. Unexpectedly, trumpets and brass make an appearance. But they are the long, lingering blasts of the impending end of the world. But in your stupor you acknowledge really don’t care. This is that stunning effect. Utterly beguiling.

And so to Future Museums. This is Neil Lord from Austin Texas. It’s a solo project but one in which he works with a rotating cast of collaborators. The track is Leaving The Vessel, which I guess has multiple interpretations. That’s especially the case when Neil says that the track comes as a result of lucid dreams and astral projections. It’s described as new age Krautrock. That’s a bit of a short-changing description. This is more forward looking and beautiful than that. You don’t need a beard or a yoga mat to appreciate the gentle repeating phrases of analogue synths. It also manages to have a throbbing central heart but without obvious beats to deliver it. A really cleverly put together track that skilfully disguises any joins. Stay on board and see this trip through.

~ by acidted on April 26, 2020.

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