Alternative electronic with: Cat Ma, and Jaimé #Electronic #Indie #Synth

An alternative electronic path awaits us this morning in the company of Cat Ma and Jaimé.

Cat Ma is from London and has a self-confessed mission to make music, “for those who are occasionally candy crushed, and confused by the world.” And the world is nothing if not strange right now. The track is Keep The Panic In. It’s inspired by the comedian Tania Edwards who summarised the situation as: “1000s of people are dying, tens of thousands of people are helping others, and the rest of us are stuck at home eating crisps.” Ready salted kettle chips in my case. They were on special offer is my excuse.

Anyhow, what do we get on Keep The Panic In? We get an intro sample about “a feeling of tension” and then a one man indie electronic band takes over. Drum clatter and guitars chime. We are exhorted to “keep the panic in” but it’s ok as the track reaches for epiphany. It’s all climbing chords, strings soar and hope arrives. Hope that it’s all going to be ok. That we’re going to be ok. That our loved ones are going to be ok. After all, if the ready salted run out then there’s always cheese and onion as a fall back.

Jaimé is based near Paris in France and takes us on a more synth-based journey.  The track is Orbit from the album Magnetis. The album aims to take you on a stellar journey.  Jaimé intends Orbit to be a sequence during the flight above the Earth. It’s all about the synths that ripple and twinkle in the vastness of the cosmos. There aren’t beats as such but it does have a beating heart. It’s filled with strings and ethereal vocals that express wordless wonder and awe at the vastness of it all. Time to stop and stare.

~ by acidted on April 28, 2020.

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