Thursday’s techno triple with: Saint Bazarov, Rwbel, and Enrico Hubert #Techno #NewMusic

A triple set of techno tracks for this pre-Friday from Saint Bazarov, Rwbel, and Enrico Hubert.

Saint Bazarov is an Ankara-based producer in Turkey. He mainly operates in techno or trance genres. This time he is definitely in techno space. The track is the so now Covid-19. It has a strong whiff of early Hardfloor in its powerful opening section. Ultimately, it does release its grip in a swirl of synths before the acid sounds come back to pummel you to the floor. A five minute rollercoaster ride that’s best played loud. It’s a breathless experience.

Rwbel is a Madrid-based producer but one who has also spent time in the UK. But neither of these places really get to the heart of T4, taken from the Resist EP. That lies firmly in Germany. For this is a lovely up-tempo dub techno track. There are a perfect amount of stabbed keyboards giving a delightfully dubbed effect and the background electronics are subtly used. They’re quite intricate and give the track a measured patina and texture. Everything is dark and moody but each shade of black and grey is perfectly differentiated. Six minutes of aural pleasure.

Enrico Hubert is from Esslingen, Germany. The track is Finite, the lead track from a two track EP. This is fast paced beats galloping headlong toward the end point. But ultimately kept in check with a lovely sense of melody. This has the self-confidence to allow the drums to drop out of the equation and rely on the synth and bass mid way through. Even to muse on time and millions of years. The bass allows it to get away with such profundity before the beats come sweeping past and an almost electro haze. And it’s a race to the finish.


~ by acidted on April 30, 2020.

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